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Should You Turn Off All Electrical Appliances Before Taking a Holiday?

Looking forward to taking a much-needed holiday? Find out what you need to turn off or disconnect before leaving.

We've all been there: you're hurriedly prepping, packing, and organising the last few details before hopping in the car to go on holiday. From "I need to throw out the milk" to "Where did I put the passports?" you have a thousand thoughts racing through your mind.

T&R Sutton Electrical Services - Holiday Checks

You don't have time at this point to check each electrical outlet and equipment to determine what should be left on and what should be turned off or unplugged.

T&R Sutton knows and understands the best practices for safety and energy savings, and to make it easier for you, here's a concise guide describing the best way.

Step 1: Disconnect everything that isn't essential.

You can unplug your laptop or desktop PC, as well as your kettle or toaster if they are plugged in. Devices such as Google Home assistants and game consoles should also be unplugged.

It's recommended to leave your Wi-Fi on for technical reasons so that it doesn't have trouble reconnecting when you return but check with your broadband provider first.

Several gadgets, such as toasters and kettles, use very little electricity when left plugged in, but it's still better to unplug them for safety reasons.

Surprisingly, many homeowners are unaware of how many devices they have in their home, and while each device or appliance may only draw a little amount of electrical current on a daily basis, this may quickly add up if you leave 30 or 40 things plugged in over a two-week holiday period.

If you don't believe you have 30 or 40 devices, take a quick count and you could be shocked!

If you have any concerns about outdated gadgets, unplug them immediately and keep the contact information of a 24-hour electrician handy in case of an emergency.

Step 2: Determine what you must keep turned on.

Some things must be left in place. If you have CCTV, any connected gadgets must be left on to secure your property.

Similarly, new internet-connected doorbells and thermostats may need to be left on, especially if gadgets like Amazon's Ring operate as home security by recording live video of anyone approaching your front door.

Note: If you're going on holiday in the summer, it's expected that you've already turned off the central heating, but you may need to keep your smart thermostat on so that Holiday Mode works and you have hot water when you return home.

It is also feasible to condense such that some devices can be turned off. If you have a second fridge or freezer in the garage, you may wish to save power by limiting your storage space and putting everything in the kitchen fridge freezer.

T&R Sutton Approach

We've talked a lot about saving money by switching off devices, but we can't forget about safety. There are many risks that can occur while you are gone that you can generally address when you are at home.

A minor water leak can quickly expose electrical components to water, posing a risk to you and your family when you return home. You can reduce the risks by unplugging electrical equipment.

If you come home and have any worries, call a certified electrician who will be there as quickly as possible to assist you.

To summarise, you are not required to turn off and unplug every electrical equipment in your home, but the more devices and appliances you can unplug, the safer your home will be and the more money you will save on power!

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