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Shocking Electrical Myths

In a field that is so wide, it is easy enough to have misconceptions about electrical safety in what is true and false. Here are some useful examples to help eliminate the electrical myths and help you have a clearer understanding of electricity.

T&R Sutton Electrical Services - Shocking electrical myths

Electricity Travels at The Speed of Light

This is a common electrical myth and misconception we tend to have about electricity, that may have come from the association of electricity and lightning. Although electricity and light are both forms of electromagnetic radiation, the electrons in electricity move a lot slower. (No more than a few centimetres per second.) In comparison to light that travels 186,000 per mi/sec.

Power Lines are Insulated

The majority of our electrical devices’ wires and cables are securely insulated with rubber or plastic. It is easy to presume that power lines are safely insulated too- If birds can safely perch on them this must be right. False.

The only reason why birds do not get harmed is that they do not touch the ground whilst on the cable, as a result, there is no charge imbalance and no flow of electrons and insulation is very expensive, meaning most overhead power lines are live. They can have currents running through them anything from 1,000 volts to 700,000.

Static Electricity Is Different from Outlet Electricity

Static electricity can be fun to mess around with. Whether it’s rubbing a balloon on your head and making your hair stick out or walking on the carpet and touching something which produces a small shock. We think that this static electricity is different from the current that powers our daily devices. However, the only difference between flowing and static electricity is that one is a constant flow, and the other is an instantaneous equalisation.


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