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Seven Electrical Safety Tips for out in the Garden

Electrical safety is important outside, too. Follow our simple safety guidelines, to make sure you stay safe.

T&R Sutton Electrical Services - Safety tips for the garden

1. Use a Residual Current Device (RCD) – as mentioned above, these devices should be used with electrical items outdoors. An RCD is a life-saving device should a cable be cut (for example, with a lawnmower) and the live wires come into contact with water, or a person. It immediately cuts the circuit and reduces the risk of electric shock or electrical fires.

2. Equipment storage – keep all electrical equipment in a dry, safe place. Always check for any water damage before using it.

3. Cables and connectors – keeping cables and connectors in good working order outside is important. Make sure they’re properly sealed, rated correctly, kept clean and dry and in good condition.

4. Unplug to clean and repair – always switch off and unplug before cleaning or repairing electrical equipment

5. Power cable – always be aware of where it is, to avoid accidentally cutting through it when you’re cutting the grass.

6. Electric pond pumps – if you're lucky enough to have a pond, a poorly-installed mains-supplied water pump could lead to you, your family or your fish being seriously injured, or worse. Any doubts? Turn it off and ask a registered electrician to take a look.

7. Garden lighting – it can look lovely – but mains-powered garden lights must be properly installed and maintained, to avoid any issues. Get an engineer in, to make sure. Only buy waterproof lighting designed for outdoor use. Keep lights free from leaves and other debris – and check cables regularly for signs of damage. Finally, always switch them off and unplug them before changing bulbs.

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