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Do You Know How to Charge Your Phone Safely?

The method we charge our phones is a common blunder that many of us make. Phone batteries are notorious for going dead at the most inconvenient times. The best place to charge a phone is on a work surface away from moist surfaces or soft furnishings. But this may mean that you will miss an essential phone call or will be unable to continue with that live chat in comfort!

T&R Sutton Electrical Services - Mobile Charging

Inadvertently, this can lead to risky phone charging techniques, putting the phone at risk of overheating, and catching fire. A recent fire was started by a resident charging their phone beneath a pillow. While this scenario is readily remedied, we believe that many individuals are guilty of charging their phones under their pillows without realising how harmful this might be.

When phone charging can become dangerous

As electricians, we are noticing an increase in electrical jobs where we are fixing electrical damage caused by charging goods such as cell phones with the incorrect type of charger. Often, this occurs when universal chargers are used that are incompatible with the phone being charged.

When the wrong charger is used, it can cause costly harm to both the phone and your home's electrical system. It has the potential to spark a house fire or explode, leaving you with severe burns. The socket rapidly overheats, causing damage to the wire inside the wall. As one of Hampshire's leading electrical companies, we do not encourage using universal chargers for any electrical gadget.

Charge your phone on a hard surface

If the manufacturer's recommendations are followed, charging with a genuine phone charger is safe. But this does not rule out the possibility of an electrical fault forming, which might result in a fire. This is why it is critical to always charge your phone in a safe location.

If you think that an inappropriate charger has caused electrical damage, please call a qualified and registered electrician as soon as possible.

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