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Colour Changing Home Lighting

Colour-changing lighting is a fun, modern, inventive lighting option that is becoming increasingly popular in homes. It provides a subtle ambience that can be altered at the touch of a button to fit the mood. When it's time to party, set the atmosphere for romance, or simply sit back and relax in a softly coloured glow, it's difficult to top the mood-altering benefits of coloured lighting.

T&R Sutton Electrical Services - colour changing home lighting

Subconsciously colour affects us all in our day-to-day life. Strategically used in shops, restaurants schools and to ignite a specific feeling in people. Each colour has a separate meaning which entices a different feeling affecting our moods in everyday situations.

For example, purple hues stimulate productivity and creativity which is great for the workplace or for sparking the imagination.

Green light is used to reduce stress, it calms the mind and body and is great for meditation and yoga. It’s also believed to reduce pain in the body by stimulating the flow of pain-killing chemicals around the body.

Trouble sleeping? Orange lights in your bedroom can be effective in helping you fall asleep. The frequencies emitted by orange light are the opposite of those emitted by daylight naturally making you feel drowsy.

Generally, there are two options for the controls of colour-changing lighting. This can either be easily controlled at the push of a button by a remote or by a smart app on your phone.

Smart home technology is becoming more common and offering more sophisticated options to its users. With smart, colour-changing controls you can programme your lighting to suit your particular needs throughout the day. Maybe getting up in the morning is a struggle for you so with the use of colour-changing and your smart app, you can programme your lighting to mimic natural light in the morning aiding a more gentle and natural waking process.

Colour-changing is also used externally in the garden or even within water features or swimming pools. It’s important to consult a qualified electrician for these matters to ensure the fittings and bulbs are suitable to be used outdoors or in contact with water.

There are many options for colour-changing lighting in the home available to suit all budgets and customer requirements.

At T&R Sutton we are happy to provide our expert advice about how colour-changing lighting can be used in an effective way in your home. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation and no-obligation quote.

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